Brown Goertz & Co
experts for sales tax in Texas.

Sales Tax in Texas, also known as sales and use tax is a complex set of statutes and rules—too complex for most individuals who are self-managing an audit defense action.  That is why the experts at Brown Goertz & Co. provide businesses of all sizes state and local tax consulting, specializing in Texas Sales and Use Tax and Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax. Our firm is dedicated to educating and empowering Texas businesses and taxpayers.


We take the stress out of
state audits.

Audits are stressful and auditors can be difficult to deal with. Because the rules are often misunderstood, it’s very easy to make mistakes that may generate significant fines and penalties on top of whatever extra taxes you may owe. Even the State’s own auditors can misunderstand and misinterpret the rules as they apply to your business.  With Brown Goertz & Co. in your corner, you can rest assured that you have the most experienced Texas tax consultants in the industry guiding you through tax laws, policies, regulations and processes.


Understanding Texas sales
and use tax audits.

There are few things that are more upsetting than receiving an audit notice from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.  It’s no surprise that States are feeling the pinch of the economy and Texas is no exception.  Tax audits require weeks, if not months of effort and distraction and come with the potential for tens of thousands of dollars in interest and penalties cutting into your bottom line. At Brown Goertz & Co., our motivation is to lose you as a client. By that we mean, if we do our job right you will have no further need for a tax consulting company. To that end we publish help guides, do speaking engagements, provide tools and advice during the engagement.


Get the guide that provides the
knowledge you need.

Brown Goertz & Co. created a guide from the real-life knowledge and experience of tax professionals who have helped thousands of businesses just like yours navigate a sales and use tax audit or mixed beverage tax audit with the Texas Comptroller.  It provides information to help you understand the audit process.  At the end of the day, the best defense against being audited is a good offense—but what if you’ve found yourself with an audit notice now?  This guide contains tips, techniques and tools that will enable you to effectively manage your sales and use tax audit including eight reasons companies are targeted for an audit, the seven steps of the audit process, five common misconceptions about Texas sales and use tax audits, four things you should know to prepare for your audit and five mistakes to avoid when choosing a tax consultant.