To the State of Texas, your business represents a revenue stream, plain and simple.  Their job is to maximize that stream, and a sales and use tax audit is one of their primary tools.  As sales tax audit defense experts, we devote ourselves to making sure that Texas taxpayers pay only what they owe and not a penny more.



In a sales and use tax audit, an auditor reviews your business records over a period of days, weeks, or even months to determine whether you are under-reporting or underpaying taxes that are legally due. In addition to the time, effort, and diversion of resources this takes on your part, the resulting penalties can be substantial.

Just because you have been selected for a sales and use tax audit does not mean you will automatically have to pay additional tax due. Conversely, just because you have done everything right doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have to spend considerable time and money proving it.

How to get the knowledge
you need to defend your business.

Representing yourself in a sales and use tax audit is like being sued and representing yourself in court.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  Brown Goertz & Co.  is that expert professional you need on your side to ensure the auditor fully understands your business, applies the appropriate rules and audits you following appropriate procedures.

Download and read our “Understanding Texas Sales & Use Tax Audits” guide for more information about your audit

You can audit yourself.

It is legal in the State of Texas to request that you do your own audit. To qualify for a self-managed audit, you must notify the state within 30 days of receiving your audit notice. There are a few rules around this and Brown Goertz & Co. knows them all. Save yourself the time and frustration of having the state complete your audit and do your own. We work with many clients who find this method much more appealing than letting the state run your audit.